Fusion Car Meet 10/9/2010

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Fusion Car Meet 10/9/2010 Empty Fusion Car Meet 10/9/2010

Post by Blue on Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:24 am

Fusion Car Meet 10/9/2010 Fusion2

Proudly sponsored by GMMA and hosted by Monster's Arcade, we have doubled our efforts for this one, rotating out themes and attractions from last months late notice event. New additions for this month include:

1. Free play of Madden 11, NBA 2K11 and UFC 2010 from 8 pm to closing

2. UFC 2010 being projected in the parking lot above the business

3. DJ Lady Spade as the evenings music attraction (much louder)

4. I Heart Boba (formerly Teahouse) selling food and drinks in the parking lot

5. Security provided by HPD

Monster's Arcade is also hosting a Madden 11 tournament starting @ 2pm with a $500 guaranteed prize. Event finals will be rounding up around the time the meet begins.

As before, we will have the entire parking lot available for the meet with 70+ spaces. Parking lot is well lit and police will be on hand to deter the morons and guarantee a clean fun night. Besides the Pho restaurant, the other businesses in the shopping center will be closed by the time parking begins. We have full permission from the management of the center to have the meet as late as people want to stay (12-1 am).

Reserved parking begins @ 7:30

Any and all vehicles are welcome. Please be respectful of others, regardless of rides.

Same rules as any other meet:
1) No alcohol, drugs or any illegal activity @ or near the event. Period.

2) No speeding in the parking lot.

3) No peeling out or racing near the event.

4) Please keep your music @ a respectable level.



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